5 Ways To Stay Grounded As An Entrepreneur

Real talk and sharing my personal journey…

A question I often reflect on is: “Do I have any regrets in my business or life?” My personal answer: Yes, I have one that keeps popping up in my journals over the years… It’s something I am always learning to observe. I regret not being more grounded during the early stages of my business and as I went through each stage of developing my Self through it. Looking back, I was SO focused on my future Self that I don’t think I fully enjoyed each stage and what it had to offer. I was too busy planning the next steps to look around. This is a big lesson for me and I still remind my Self – and my clients – to do the same. Now, every stage counts – And being grounded is much more than just being present… it’s about our overall health too.

What does it mean to be grounded in business?

Over the years I observed many successful business owners who were also my therapy clients. This topic came up a lot in our sessions, in many different forms. I soon began to see that one of the developed traits of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to stay fully present. Simple to say, harder to do – Especially as the nature of running a business can involve juggling many things to do, to learn, to expand etc… to ultimately grow in our Self and in our business. Finding ways to be present when the energy is restlessly inspired.

Uncertain times call for more stable foundations. I consider grounding as one of those key tools to have in place as part of our business foundations. The reason for this is that there is SO much going on out there! It’s easy to get lost in what is happening in the world, what other people in your field are doing, social media and the shoulds of being an entrepreneur. Grounding helps us take care of our Self, stay focused, use our energy efficiency and make choices for our business that are true to who we are.


You find that you are always feeling too much in your headspace

You may be juggling many things at the same time and not actually seeing any results and/or getting anything done

Your energy feels low and/or scattered

You have anxiety about the future

You feel disconnected from your purpose

► You are not taking daily care of your health

► You are experiencing signs of burn-out

How To Stay Grounded In Life & Business

I invite you to bring your journal! If you have read my posts, you’ll know that I love including many reflection questions and action points. I also want to share some holistic health tips so you can start connecting to your grounding force today. Even though this website is dedicated to health and wellness entrepreneurs, these tips can easily be applied and used by anyone, in any business. It’s about taking care of our Self as we explore our business journey.

Enjoy your current stage


What are you learning about your Self at this stage of your business?

What skills have you been learning?

What can you pass on to the next level?

Have you celebrated your small wins?

It doesn’t matter if you have just started your business today or if you have been doing it for years, be HERE NOW. It can be tempting to look to the future all the time with our goals and ambitions – But to stay grounded, it also means that there has to be a balance of enjoying the stage that you are experiencing now too.

When we are living and appreciating the present stage, we can also connect to our intuitive Self fully. This allows us to make choices and decisions from a heart-centred space. We can also be present to celebrate the process fully – our lessons, our wins, our challenges, our creative energy and so much more.

Avoid being overwhelmed


How often do you feel overwhelmed?

What emotions come up for you when you do feel overwhelmed?

How do you cope with these sensations?

Anxiety is often a future-oriented emotion, which means that it is always about some future possibility and future events. Feeling strongly overwhelmed can also be a sign of anxiety in some cases. To avoid this, we can take regular measures to tame our overwhelmed Self.

Simplify – What do you really need now? This is a journal exercise to try. Make a list of what you are doing and ways in which you can simplify them. Maybe it means that you need to rearrange your schedule or you may need to cut out areas that are not working for you. It could also mean that you simplify by prioritising your tasks.

Delegate tasks to others – One of the common things that entrepreneurs do is that they want to do everything… to be in control of every aspect of their business. This is an area in which we can stay grounded by simplifying our tasks and delegating some things to others. What tasks can you share?

Break it down to 3 months. To stay present and clear about our goals, think about the next 3 months ahead only… Have a wider goal and break it down into 3 parts (one for each month to reach the big goal). For example: In the next 3 months, your main goal could be that you want to grow your email list and community – So the first month, you could focus on creating a high-value series of free content that people will need to subscribe to receive. The second month could be when you dedicate your marketing strategy to sharing and levelling up your content on social media. The third month could be when you start bringing the community together with regular live videos on different topics in your private online community and inviting them to subscribe. When we create a 3-month plan, it can make it much easier to follow the steps in building this stage.

Grounding as part of your health and energy management


What does feeling grounded mean to you?

What routines do you have to connect with your body?

How are you practising Self-care in your daily routines?

From head to heart to body. If you feel that your main focus is always in your headspace, then this is an easy sign that grounded is needed. And let’s face it, most of us are regularly feeling this as our modern world requires that we are always thinking, busy, using technology etc. We are mostly in our mind, less in our body and heart space.

Grounding is part of our health. This term is much more than the woo-woo we may often mistake it for – There is a lot of science behind it. When you have time, watch this full film on the importance of grounding as part of our health.

Here is a list of physical activities that you can include in your daily life to keep grounded:

Physical activity – Exercise, brisk walking, yoga, dancing, movement of any kind that will make your heart beat stronger

Return back to your breath – Any time of the day, connect back to your breath and observe. There are many simple breathing exercises that you can try to do. A simple example: If you want more energy, do right-nostril breathing – To calm your energy down, do left-nostril breathing – To connect with your inner fire and passion, try breath of fire breathing. 3 minutes can make all the difference to set your body and energy levels up.

Grounding foods – Foods that are grown under the ground, like root vegetables are perfect for adding more of the grounding earth element into your diet.

Creative action – Tap into anything creative and get started on it by taking action to add more routines to express your Self. Creative energy does not need to be traditionally related to the arts, it can be anything that you enjoy spending your energy doing.

Spending time in nature – The easiest way to rebalance everything. When was the last time you took a walk in your local park? Or explored green spaces around you?

Talk to your intuition – You can do this by asking your Self open-ended questions throughout the day and seeing what you observe and what comes up. This will strengthen your intuition and will keep you present with your daily choices. For example: Does my body feel like eating/drinking this or that now? Do you feel drawn to doing this or that? Simple questions to observe what your intuitive Self gives as feedback and to observe how much you trust it.

We often get unexpected great inspiration and insights for our business when we make time to do some of these things. Little and often does a lot for our mental health and overall well-being. This has a positive knock-on effect on our work and business too because we are making time to recharge our own energy. We can also avoid burnout when we take care of this area of our health.

Find healthy ways to release


How often do you hold your thoughts and feelings in?

How do you release challenging emotions?

When you have an inspiring idea for your business, how do you channel it?

Your journal is a safe space to explore and release. This is perfect to explore all of the above tips. Releasing through pen and paper is the easiest form of release.

How can you channel your emotions (energy in motion)? If you have been keeping your emotions in, this is a good time to think about how you can put this energy into good use – even for the most challenging emotions. again, creativity is a good way to use it.

What fears and blocks are stopping you from growing? What unhealthy patterns keep showing up in your life and business? One of the beautiful things about grounding and being present is that we can dive into areas of our Self where we need change and transformation. Part of building a business is about facing these. This is especially true for our abundance and money mindset – Shifting the way we are open to receiving and what blocks are coming up. I always say, if you feel that something is blocking you, it is time to dive in and explore it. If you need help to do this, think about seeing a coach for your business.

Nurture your connections


How do you define “connection”?

How are you experiencing this in your business?

How can you bring more of it into your life and business?

What makes you FEEL connected? There are many ways that we can nurture that feeling of connection in our life… not just with other people but most importantly, with our Self. If we feel strongly connected to our Self, we can find ways to connect to others in life and in our business.. It’s important to get to know what makes you truly feel connected and in your purpose – in your life and in your business. This will act as a driving force to keep you going!

Connection to others – For support and networking. A business cannot thrive without the support of others. This can be emotional support, financial support, teamwork support… all kinds of support. A healthy business nurtures healthy connections with its clients and with everyone who is involved in the creation process. So, write a list in your journal of ways that you can explore this deeper.

The key word is HEALTHY connection. I say this because sometimes we may be in a one-sided connection with our Self and others. Healthy connections and nurturing them also mean that we are in a two-way exchange with others. We may enjoy giving all the time, but what are you also receiving? And how open are you to receiving in general? Explore!

As you can see from this post, building a business is about a solid foundation – A solid foundation where we are taking care of our Self and finding ways to stay grounded in the process.

I hope this has inspired you to find more ways to enjoy the moment as you thrive in your business!

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