How To Make Money Online As A Health and Wellness Entrepreneur | Passive Income Tips

In these times, it may not be enough to just see clients face-to-face. The options are much wider… thankfully! Long gone are the days when we just were limited to our immediate community and sharing flyers/business cards – I’ve been there and fully remember what it was like before social media was a marketing tool. It’s ok and perfectly normal to now open to a much wider audience with no limits. I love the possibilities.

Don’t swap/exchange money for just your time – Go beyond! The old model of working would mean that we would exchange and earn by an amount of time (for example – $X amount = 1 hour). This is where we limit our Self from what we can offer. With the passive income possibility, we can make money without this limitation.

Letting limited space rule our income. This is another limitation. For example: If you are a yoga teacher, only X amount of students might be able to attend your workshop or class due to room size and venue. If you run a retreat, you will have a limited group number to fill places. When we work online, we can offer more space to those who want to join… from all over the world.

I am in no way trying to say that this is the only way to work – I personally LOVE personal contact – I still see face-to-face and one-to-one clients… But there are options now to really maximise what you offer your audience. Personally, I like a balance between both. On the plus side, I am very conscious that many of my clients have now adapted to working online e too, especially since the pandemic.

Offer high-value online content and services – With so many health and wellness entrepreneurs out there, it is easy to get lost in everything that is on offer. What will make someone stand out is high-value content that they share – on social media for free, in the free gift offerings for their community and in their paid products.

Passive income requires energy to start. To create high-value content and paid passive income products, it does take time to put them together. For example: If you are creating an online course, it is worth investing time and energy to create a course that is of good quality and that your community is interested in. The good news is that once your passive income product is done, you can re-launch it as many times as you like in future. Maybe there might be a few changes you can make along the way, but the end product is essentially created. The rest is down to other areas – Like the launch, the marketing etc. for your community.

Know your niche – If you don’t truly know your niche, how can you create passive income content that will sell? Being specific in the passive income content that you create will help grow your business because if you are truly serving the needs of your client, they will most likely want to buy more from you too.

Do research all the time – Ask your community regularly what they want through surveys and your email list – That way you are creating products and content that your community are interested in buying from you.

Community is everything! Passive income also grows when we build and nurture our community fully so that you have an email list and community to share your new passive income products. This builds trust when they get to know you more and in time, they will start to also enjoy what you offer. Building your email list is vital for this so you can keep connected to your audience and share new paid products/services/courses along the way. Remember, algorithms and social media may change regularly, but your email and community stay.

Size does not matter – Initially, the social media world was obsessed with the number of likes and followers – we now know that this affects social media algorithms and the way that many platforms operate. But we often forget that it is not the size that matters but the way you nurture your community. If you can use social media to get your message out there, that’s great – But it’s time to think of ways that you can create a community away from the regular changes and algorithms that can literally take away your whole community overnight.

Create flow in passive income content – As you will see later in this post, there are many ways in which you can keep creating passive income through many different platforms. It may be tempting to start by just creating a few things to sell and then stop – But I suggest that having a routine of creating new passive income projects will help you build. Especially in the beginning, this could be an area you focus on for a while. And if you already have regular passive income projects, you can create a steady schedule of building more.

Create consistent flow in launching – To gain the best results, building our community through our email list and launching regularly will create even more flow. At the start, it can be slow – Some people may find that they have no sales. Don’t worry, this is normal! As you build your connection to your community and audience, you can re-launch again at any time.

Be prepared to LEARN! I will share some ways to create income online. It is a process of learning along the way and seeing what feels right for you. Luckily, there are many content creators out there (especially on You/tube) who share their experiences and the how-tos of setting up on specific platforms and websites. Sometimes, one method works better than the other – Often, it may depend on how you want to share too.

Ready to get to the good part? …Let’s GO!

Q: How can I make money online as a health and wellness Entrepreneur?

I think you can easily adapt these areas to any health-related business. Here are some points to get you inspired to think about which area you would like to start, explore and build. I have included some links too so that you can get started today!

Online Courses & Workshops

There are many models for creating online courses and workshops – The easiest one is to create an online course that your client can buy and access instantly. This would probably involve a series of lessons and content that is already set up (like your videos and downloads) – Thye will be able to learn at their own pace and without direct access to your time.

Use one of the many online platforms for online courses, you can set this up easily. Towards the higher price scale of this, this would involve more of your time and expertise to create a high-value course or program where clients can access you directly (through live one-to-one sessions or webinars). The higher the price, the more expertise and access to you the client will have.

Create an audience with your online courses – Websites such as Skillshare and Udemy share your online courses with a wider audience so you can literally access 1000s of potential new students. If you are selling to a wider community, there are many advantages instead of just going it alone.

Always check the terms and conditions for your product as each platform will be different – This goes for selling your courses and workshops online, as well as the other ways of creating online income below.

Write An Ebook

Once again, there are many ways to do this – Instead of doing an online course or workshop, this would all be in written content for your client to buy. The beauty is that it is very easy to publish ebooks now and have them displayed on different platforms. This is a great option for people who love to write and share, without the need to be in front of the camera. Ebooks don’t have to be long too – some of the best-selling ebooks are practical short ebooks that offer the reader a step-by-step guide.

Affiliate Marketing & Sponsorships

Do you already love a certain product and share it with your friends and family? Well, why not make money too! Amazon Associates and many online shops offer affiliate programs that you can join to include on anything you share with your clients (like your blog posts, newsletters etc). Many people also get sponsorships from brands who are actively looking out for entrepreneurs to do this. The key is to choose products that you authentically enjoy using and want to share with your audience – If you are sharing products just for money, it will show.

Podcast Subscriptions

This is a great option that does not require a lot to start – A good microphone and a few adjustments to your sound quality will set you up with a podcast. Think of how you use podcasts – It’s a way that many of us tune in while doing other things in our daily life (walking, commuting, doing housework etc) I think this is one of the easiest ways to start growing an online presence – and if you don’t like being in front of a camera, this is a beautiful way to share more about your Self and your business. There is something powerful about being quite literally in your audience’s ear!

While you create an audience, remember to use this tool to share your products and services. You might be talking about a topic that your listeners want to explore more of… this is when having online products and services comes in handy. Don’t forget to build your email list!

Get paid for creating high-value podcasts – Thanks to websites (like Anchor), you can now set up subscriptions for your listeners. For a small fee to your listeners, you can also choose which podcast episodes you want to be for subscribers only. As always, the key is to be consistent with your content – This will give you more results in gaining listeners and trust in buying your products and your subscriptions.

Membership Websites

There are many online platforms to set up a membership program for your audience – It really depends on what you are sharing and in what format. I have listed a few websites with different formats below.

The key to setting up a membership website is that you need to be clear with your Self and with your audience about what is on offer – That is true for the other points above but I think having a specific membership set-up means that you need to show up more regularly and put in real effort to sharing regular content that your audience is happy to pay for.

Are you committed to sharing content in this way? If you are looking to upload your content and get paid without any additional work or effort, this is not for you. On the other side, if you are happy to be consistent with high-value content and build a community, this is perfect. Some platforms offer a way to create online communities at the same time – while others will just focus on the content for your subscribers. In my opinion, this option does require some consideration and more effort than the other methods of building passive income.

Online Coaching

This is an obvious choice for those of you who are coaches – This field has boomed in the last couple of years and there is a wide range of potential ways to earn a good income online. People are open and interested in what coaching has to offer them.

Do you need to be qualified to be a coach? At the moment, no – There are no regulations as to who can become a coach. However, I always think it is best to invest in gaining skills by doing a qualification. Many coaches do an ICF-accredited course but there are also many good qualifications out there. The way this field is headed, I can see that there may be a time when coaches will need to be fully qualified. At the moment, this is not a requirement.

What are you passionate about? Who do you want to serve as your community? What skills do you currently have that others want to learn from? Wherever you are and whatever you know, there are people out there who would pay to be coached by you and learn.

The benefits are amazing! Work on your own time schedule, combine all the tools I mentioned above to create paid content and work from any part of the world. It’s hard to find a negative thing about working in this field. Yes, there are many coaches out there now but the good news is that this also means that there are many people you could connect to.

I hope this has inspired you to creatively think of new ways to create income!

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