8 Ways To Level Up Your Health Business

There are some foundational areas in a business that we can always return to in order to level up. Let me share some areas you can focus on.

Raise your prices

This sounds simple – yet how many health businesses do this? I have met many therapists, yoga teachers, health coaches etc that have the same price for their services as when they started. As you grow your experience, your knowledge and your business… don’t be afraid to set a higher price for what you offer.

A good way to get a reality check on what you should be charging is to do some market research in your field – What are other people charging for the same things that you offer? One of the biggest feedbacks I get from health business owners is that if they charge too low, this also is regarded by their clients in the same way. It shouldn’t, but it does have this effect on clients who are searching for business services and comparing.

How much do YOU value your Self? Seriously. If you have invested time, energy and money into your training and knowledge to be where you are, then value it. Even as a new health business owner, I am sure you have already invested a lot to be at the point of starting your business. Take the first step and decide what your new prices are.

Level up in your abundance money mindset – This is a huge topic. Money can trigger a lot of things and bring up a lot of belief systems that have been holding us back. To level up our Self-worth, sometimes we need to dive in here and work through a lot of our own money trauma. What is holding you back? Explore deeper.

Streamline your website

It can be tempting to fill our website with everything… Keep it simple and direct. Take a journey through your website and it should lead you quickly to the areas that a new reader is interested in without much effort in looking through everything.

Starting from the homepage – Each section should be clear and easy to follow to enter other parts of your website. Each of the sections can be short with links leading to a full page. Some essential key areas to show in a simple way to let your viewer explore more from the homepage:

  • To start, a Simple solid statement about what you do
  • A high-value gift for new subscribers
  • Work with me/Services options (+ link buttons)
  • About Me short description (+ link buttons)
  • 2-3 Short Testimonials
  • Contact Us section with an email form and social media links (+ link buttons)

Think about the branding, logo and colour scheme too – Do they all connect? Do they reflect who you truly are? This is an area that you could upgrade to level up, even if it means making small changes. You will also use it in your marketing materials and social media. Therefore, think about what truly represents who you are and what feels good.

For example – There is no point in using a colour scheme that doesn’t feel good to you because it won’t reflect who you are. I knew someone who went to a brand consultant and was told to use soft pastel colours as her niche involved working with women. She did this for a while but she soon discovered that she did not feel that this was truly what reflected who she was. In the end, she re-designed all of her online marketing content and website using bold striking red and black as her main colour scheme. The clients who came to her website and saw her online content could now feel her pre-essence more and she started attracting women who also felt connected to the energy of these colours.

Your email list is gold – Upgrade your free email offer

Your email list is a big part of your community. Regardless of what changes with your social media platforms, you can usually rely on your email to keep in touch with people. The same goes for your community and audience.

A basic way to grow our email list is to offer a high-value free gift when they subscribe. This is an invitation that you will have visible on your website and where you are present on social media. You might start off with a simple offer – But as you grow your business, I recommend adding more free high-value gifts that will serve different purposes:

  • To introduce who you are and your story (part of your WHY statement)
  • To offer valuable and practical things from your services that they can use now
  • A space to connect to your community – You could also share a private free online group that they can join to get more free content from you
  • To share a Call-To-Action link/button for how they can work with you and what paid services you offer

If you upgrade this free offer, clients will have a taste of what you offer and want more too. The good thing is that if you do this once, you don’t have to do it again. And you can share and re-purpose this on all of your social media platforms.

Testimonials and feedback

What are your clients saying about their experiences of working with you? If you already have clients, you could focus on asking them to share with you through testimonials. This can also be an opportunity to gain feedback on what they did like and what they feel could improve – In this way, you grow as a person. A good way to do this is to set up an online form that they can fill in with 2 separate sections for a testimonial and feedback on what can be improved. I invite you to focus on collecting as many as possible.

If you are a new health business, you could start making this part of your routine with new clients. Again, you could use an online form at the end to collect as many new testimonials and feedback thoughts. Especially if you are new, I think this is a valuable way of creating a routine and learning from your experiences.

Stick to 3 strong lifestyle pillars to share on social media

What do you share about your Self on social media? Sometimes, it can be easy to over-complicate what we share about our Self. Social media platforms often encourage us to share as much as we can about our daily life. We can also be comparing and share in the same way that other people do in our field.

To simplify and stay focused, keep this in mind: We don’t need to share everything about our lifestyle. This is a relief for many people (like me!) who are naturally private and find that selling our lifestyle on social media is often a challenge. If you do love sharing your lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with this too – But the key is to keep it focused and simple.

What do your social media followers know about you? Pick only 3 main areas of your life that you do feel comfortable sharing and show others who you are. An example: You might enjoy these 3 areas that describe your lifestyle – Your pet, travel and food – You can then use this as your focal point of inspiration. So what 3 areas do YOU love the most in your life? How can you share these areas in your life more and connect them to what you offer in your business? Even when they are not directly connected, you could share stories or inspiration that you have that brings you joy to do your work. Along with a regular schedule for posting, this can save a lot of time and energy.

Connect with your Call To Action (CTA) – Share what you love and what inspires you in 3 main areas – and don’t forget to include your call to action. When a person is reading your post on social media, do they know how they can find your website or how they learn more about your services? Link it as you share and post on social media.

Learn a new skill or qualification to add value to your services

In health and business, there is always more to learn! No matter what your health business is, I am sure you can find something new to learn and explore. This is a healthy part of expanding our business too. We are always going to be learning something new – whether it is to do with our marketing, our content, our projects and so much more. If we get too comfortable with what we already know, we might be missing what we can improve.

Sometimes what seems like a difficult skill to learn can actually end up being a passion. There have been many times when I started to learn about an area of my business that I thought I would hate and then discovered that it actually was a really satisfying experience to learn more!

This can also include gaining a new qualification in a skill or area that will add more depth to your business. This can be rewarding and also help you grow as a person and as a business.

Specialize in one area

Following from the last point, think about which specific area you would like to take to the next level – Maybe it is something that keeps coming up in your sessions where your clients want to know more about an area. It could be something you feel will add more value to your services

An example: A health coach finds that his/her clients always ask about nutrition in more detail – This is also something that the health coach loves to explore so it could be a great opportunity to search and invest in a nutritionist course. In future, this could be an area of expertise that would also reflect on higher value services and income.

Reach out to health publications and podcasts

Running a health business can often be lonely if you work for your Self. One way to connect to others and to a network is by offering free high-value content for other businesses. What can you genuinely share with other like-minded businesses out there?

Magazines and podcasts are always looking for new content for their audiences. This is one area you can focus on and start to create a regular routine in sharing. This way, you can gain more confidence as you share who you are and what you offer. You can gain new potential clients – But most importantly, you can start to connect to others in your business. Instead of thinking of this as a marketing strategy, approach it as a genuine way to connect to other people in business.

Be creative in how you network with others. I feel that part of levelling up our business is exploring who we are through our connections. Building strong heart-centred connections with mutual exchanges is really beautiful. There are so many ways to do this. A simple example: A therapy exchange – A massage therapist and a yoga teacher meet to exchange their services with each other, for personal sessions and also to offer their services to their clients.

Level up what you have to offer to others when you network – I think this is the best way to meet and be more inspired!

I hope this has inspired you to think of new ways you can level up different parts of your health business!

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